[XML-SIG] PyXML Windows Installation to Multiple Python Installations?

Thomas B. Passin tpassin at comcast.net
Mon May 31 11:02:33 EDT 2004

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Thomas B. Passin wrote:
>> 1) Is there a better workaround?
> Yes: Install the source package, using python.exe setup.py install.
> Just use the desired python.exe in the process.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to compile the parts written in C - 
they need to be compiled with the Microsoft compiler ans libraries, do 
they not?

Here is how I finally solved the problem -

1) Run regedit and go to the key for PythonCore 2.3 (or whichever version).

2) Export the whole key to a .reg file so you can restor it later.

3) Change the default value of the InstallPath key to point to the 
location where the desired copy of python.exe is located.

4) Run the install program for PyXML.

5) Merge your saved .reg fileback (or change the InstallPath value by 
hand back to its original value).

This sound cumbersome, but I actually found it pretty easy and quick, 
once I had figured out what to do.

It does point to a weakness in the design of the keys that the Python 
installer adds to the registry, though.  I think it is not uncommon to 
have several Python installations of the same version on the same 
machine, and the registry setup should be able to refelct that.  This is 
nothing to do with PyXML, of course, but since Martin is closely 
involved with packaging Python itself (that's right, isn't it, Martin?), 
  This seemed like a good place to make the remark.


Tom P

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