[XML-SIG] PyXML for py 2.5

Bob Kline bkline at rksystems.com
Mon Feb 25 01:15:12 CET 2008

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> I don't think Python is or should be the premier language to do XML
> processing.

I was just echoing language from the SIG's own home page.  We don't need 
it to be the best language for XML processing, but it's the language we 
use for much of our administrative interfaces and all of our data 
exchange arrangements.

> If you have an application that integrates a lot of different things
> (or perhaps just two or three of them), and XML processing is one,
> you should consider Python. Then you should analyze your processing
> needs, and pick a Python library that meets these needs.

That's what we did, and that package (the one the SIG recommended) has 
been abandoned in favor of a newer one.  It would be nice if we could 
reduce the chance of that happening again by having the package 
incorporated into the standard library.
> If you found that validation is a processing need, I strongly recommend
> that you re-evaluate your processing needs (whether you use Python
> or not). IMHO, validation is much over-rated and over-used.

Well, if you have customers (as we do) who have entered into data 
exchange arrangements with other organizations and companies with 
agreements to make sure that the documents exchanged meet sets of 
validation rules, then it seems that the choice you have is to use an 
existing XML validation package or to write your own XML validation 
software.  We'd rather not re-invent the wheel, but we'd also like to 
avoid repeatedly replacing third-party packages as they are abandoned.

Bob Kline
mailto:bkline at rksystems.com

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