[AstroPy] meeting issues

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Jun 14 17:03:55 EDT 2011

So, perhaps we should try to get an idea of who would go to each of  
various options for face to face meetings and do that off list so  
that. Should that be added to the wiki set up by Thomas?

I do think there is a good reason to meet face to face, especially  
early on in trying get this sort of thing going. There are certain   
kinds of things that just work better that way.

The 3 categories seem to be:

1) meet at the AAS
2) meet at CFA or STScI in the fall
3) meet at scipy

Sooner would be better, but I'm afraid it is too late for scipy.

I'd rather not wait for the next AAS.

The advantage of 2 is that there are no distractions of another  
meeting or conference to deal with, the meeting would be dedicated to  
the effort entirely (and it minimizes the travel costs for one of the  
two larger organizations). Obviously I'm favoring the second option.  
But it would be good to see who could make each of these.


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