[EuroPython] Last minute Sprinting details (coffee, etc)

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Jun 13 17:38:08 CEST 2005

On måndag 13 juni 2005 16:55, Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am finailising the arrangements for sprinting, and I have come to the
> networking point.
> =======
> We can arrange to have wired ethernet with static IP-addresses (that
> means no NOMAD) for the sprointing area. If we bring our own wifi
> equipment and configure it to not crash with the channels used by NOMAD
> (measn no 54 MB/s enabling etc) then we can have our own private wifi lan.
> This is WAY easier this year to do than NOMAD (which was easier ast year).
> We also may be needing to bring some ethernet patch cables to paths the
> rooms from the hub room (all rooms are wired, we only need to patch them
>   from the switch we'll borrow).
> However I need a rough estimate of how many people are going to attend
> the sprint and want net access. The number of simultaneous spritners
> will determine the amount of ethernet ports that we need.
> If we bring wifi or nat equipment we can of course grow the number of
> available ports accordingly.
> Will there be 20 sprinters at the same time? or is 35 a better number?

I think the top number of sprinters may be something like 40. We expect to 
have about 15 for the Pypy sprint alone. Most people will have Wifi 

> =========================
> We need sponsoring to buy 2-3 coffe brewing machines ('cause I am *not*
> running downstairs this year to brew coffee all the time ,-). Among the
> cheapest I have found cost between 20-30 Euro each.
> Thhe coffee machines probably do not make very good coffe; *however*,
> combined with the neato waterboilers (2 for around 20 euro each) that we
> also need for us tea-lovers, we can make really good coffee (we boil
> water and pour into the filters, then we use the heater element of the
> coffe brewing machiens to keep the coffe warm).
> We can borrow thermoses from our office to keep the coffee warm too.
> We also need some sponsoring for buying coffe. I think we can
> steal^H^H^H^H^Hborrow some coffee from Chalmers, but we may need to have
> a backup solution for this, specially for the times when no chalmers
> people is available.

I have both a coffee brewer and a water heater, which I can bring to the 

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