[Mailman-Users] 1.0b9 problem, adding lots of users

Greg Connor gconnor at nekodojo.org
Sun Apr 11 10:47:40 CEST 1999

Apologies if this has been found already... I want to mention it in case it
is not yet discovered by anyone else :)

When doing a mass-subscribe of 280 people, mailman subscribed everyone, but
stopped sending welcome messages after like 23 went out.  There was a
traceback error (sorry, I didn't copy it) ... something about "Resource
unavailable" at the bottom.  (I can reproduce this again and get the
traceback again, if there is interest...

Since the welcome message didn't go out to everyone (according to the mail
logs),  I decided to remove everyone and re-run the welcome message with
like 15 people at a time (pausing 30 seconds between each one)

Could it be that load went up high enough to make sendmail stop accepting
connect9ons.?  Does Mailman deal with this case correctly after 1.0b9?

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