[Mailman-Users] ImportError in mailman-1.0b6

delbia at tin.it delbia at tin.it
Fri Jan 8 15:21:00 CET 1999

Hello all!

I've jost tried to install mailman 1.0b6 into a S.u.S.E. 5.2 Linux system, installation
procedure being ok, but if I try to run any program (example "newlist") it returns
a diagnostic, "ImportError: no module named getpass".
I use Python 1.5, installed as found into the S.u.S.E. packages with S.u.S.E. "YAST"
setup tool. Does the error mean that getpass is not present into my Python package?
Or it's a problem in mailman?
Should I reinstall a newer release of Python ?

My knowledge on Python is near zero, even if I'll be glad to learn something about it.

I hope to get help from someone... I was interested to mailman because it's possibility
to be run on "PeaceLink" Italian mail/Web server (http://www.peacelink.it), which is
going to develop another kind of list server instead of the actual one.


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