[Mailman-Users] Comments

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Fri Jan 8 21:01:42 CET 1999

>>>>> "JB" == Jonathan Bradshaw <jonathan-ezmlm at nrgup.com> writes:

    JB> After looking at mailman to manage my mailing lists I have
    JB> decided it will work for most things very well.


    JB> I have some comments tho.

Bring 'em on!

    JB> Digests: I'd like to be able to set the next issue and volume
    JB> number from the admin page. I know you can do this from inside
    JB> python (and thats what I did) but it would be good to allow
    JB> this to be changed elsewhere.

    JB> Archiving: Although I'm sure pipermail is nice, MHonArc is
    JB> nicer (IMHO) and it would be nice to be able to configure a
    JB> seperate archiving program through the admin tool. You would
    JB> need to set the command to run (which would have the message
    JB> on STDIN) and the location of the output archive.  The primary
    JB> advantage to MHonArc is configurability of the output format
    JB> and the ability to handle various MIME types in a reasonable
    JB> way. Of course, it is slow :-(

Both are good ideas.  For now I've put these on the TODO list.

    JB> Chained Lists: I have some sub-lists that I don't want people
    JB> to be able to subscribe to unless they also subscribe to the
    JB> master list. Eg: If they unsubscribe from the master list, it
    JB> should remove them from the other lists.  Any ideas?

Mailman has what Ken's called `umbrella' lists.  These are lists that
contain other mailing lists as members.  Umbrella lists don't send
password reminders to member address directly, but instead to to an
address derived from the member address.  Does this get you close
enough (you'd put the sub-lists on an umbrella list, and then let
people just subscribe to the sub-lists, as normal).

Another idea is that we could have subscribe/unsubscribe hooks which
would let you call your own Python scripts on these events, but I
can't see that happening for 1.0.


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