[Mailman-Users] public archives are private

Jeff Berliner jeff at endeavor.med.nyu.edu
Thu Jan 14 14:57:34 CET 1999

--On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 11:21 PM -0500 "Barry A. Warsaw"
<bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us> wrote: 
> Probably not, since you're not alone in reporting problems here.  Try
> toggling the public/private archive option for the list and see if
> those symlinks get created.  If not, check the error logs.  If you
> still see nothing, then we'll have to figure something else out.

     I had tried toggling the public/private options originally, but did so
again, with no success.  If I manually create the symlink from public to
private, things work splendidly.

     My logs appear normal.  Error log is empty, and the others have normal
entries with nothing suspicious.  

     The only changes I had to make (and to the best of my judgement, they
shouldn't affect this stuff) during installation, were two SyntaxError's
one at line 696 of MailList.py a ',' and a '"' were transposed in a logging
call, and a seemingly unnecessary 'raise' at line 137 of
pythonlib/tempfile.py.  I didn't see these mentioned in the list archives,
so I figured I'd mention them.

                                                  - Jeff

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