[Mailman-Users] BUG REPORT: password lookup

Brian Ryner bryner at uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 2 19:42:43 CET 1999

Ok, I tracked this one down I think.

If a user is subscribed with capital letters in the email address using
the Mass Subscribe feature, then they go to get their password mailed to
them, it fails.  This seems to be because when they enter their email
address on the listinfo page (and click "edit options") it lowercases
it, but the password is stored with an uppercased version of the email
address.  I see two solutions:

- lowercase all emails when they are subscribed from the Mass Subscribe
- locate the correct email case-insensitively when you go to the Edit
Options page

I don't know enough Python to give you a patch but it doesn't sound too
difficult for someone who does know it.


-Brian Ryner
bryner at uiuc.edu

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