[Mailman-Users] Anyone ever had a list disapear?

Chris Barnett Chris at ent.health.ufl.edu
Wed Mar 10 00:12:56 CET 1999

Hi.  I've been using Mailman b8 for a couple of weeks and have run
several small lists with no problems whatsoever.  Today, I set up a big
list (2800 people) and sent out my mail.  It was going fine, except for
the large number of bouncing addresses, but that was to be expected.

I was watching my steady stream of bounce-disabled messages (very nice
feature, btw) and the occasional reply from members when I started
getting a different stream of error messages.  This error was that mail
couldn't be delivered to the alias for the list-admin.

My /etc/aliases was fine and I started to look at the error log for
mailman.  It's loaded with MMBadListError messages.  Next, I tried to
look at my settings on the web and I was promptly informed that my list
didn't exist on the server.  And sure enough, the list was indeed gone.

I'm the only admin for the list and the box itself so no one removed it
without my knowledge.  It just vanished.

Anyone else had a list disappear?  

It's no big deal to recreate this list, but it is a little unsettling
that a list would just disappear.

My system is running mailman 1.0b8, python 1.5.1, redhat 5.2, and
whatever standard version of sendmail that comes in the redhat 5.2
distribution.  It's a PII 450 with 128MB of ram and was handling the
load fine (except for the list disappearing).  My error log is available
if you wanna try and diagnose what happened.

Thanks for any insights,

Chris Barnett
Web Designer
Unviersity of Florida Foundation, Inc.

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