[Mailman-Users] Use "From" not "Sender"

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Thu Mar 18 22:21:35 CET 1999

Hello all.   For subscribe messages and such, mailman 
uses the "Sender:" rather than "From:" this is bad.
Netscape and many other mailers don't let you
set the "Sender:" and mine is _always_ wrong.  

My user name is "clark" on my linux box at home,
I'm using "mail.mindspring.com" for my SMTP server.
Somehow... god know how, I get "Sender: clark at mindspring.com"
and there is _no_ way I can change that (that I know of).

Now. I'm _not_ clark at mindspring.com , yet when I 
subscribe and stuff, it sends errors to this poor bloke.

Thus, I respectfully request that Mailman use "From:"
if it is there.

Thank you!

Clark Evans

P.S.  I you don't believe me, check the headers
for this message.

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