[Mailman-Users] Use "From" not "Sender"

Edgard Castro castro at usmatrix.net
Fri Mar 19 00:39:20 CET 1999

On Thu, Mar 18, 1999 at 09:21:35PM +0000, Clark Evans wrote:

> Thus, I respectfully request that Mailman use "From:"
> if it is there.

	Or, at least, make it an option. I have somewhat
	the same situation here. I subscribe to lists using
	my email address (castro at usmatrix.net) but I usually
	use my linux box to send email, so my Sender goes
	with the name of the box and then Mailman does not
	recognize me as myself (oh well). :)

Edgard Castro <castro at usmatrix.net>

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