[Mailman-Users] Making two "connected" lists

Greg Connor gconnor at nekodojo.org
Tue Mar 23 07:44:21 CET 1999

I would like to make two "connected" lists...  The idea is that some users
want to get "announcements only" and other users want "announcements and

One quick and dirty way to do this would be to make a combined alias, like
    foo:                "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post foo"
    foo-announce:       "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post foo-announce", foo
which would deliver "foo-announce" to both foo-announce and foo.

Ideally, people would subscribe only to one or the other (since they will
get the "announce" messages either way).  

This might help avoid some confusion with the two separate lists I have now
(under a different MLM).  Currently people have to sign up for both in
order to get all messages, and have to unsub both when leaving... and some
people still send "announce" material to both, so most people get two
copies of the announcement.  I would prefer one for announce-only and
another for announce+discussion.  (Eventually, we might want to make
replies go to the discussion list, even if replying to an announcement, but
that's not so important right now -- I have replies going to the sender only)

All fine up to this point...  However, the issue I still haven't resolved
is how this would work with the "Restrict posting privilege to list
members" option.  The announce list would have the "announce-only" users,
but if the discussion list members send to the announce list, they might
get "You are not subscribed".  For now I can turn off the members-only
limitation on the first list, but eventually I want to find away around
this, and let members of either list post to the first one.

I just wanted to ask if someone had done this before, and whether there is
a feature to help me do what I want to do.  (I noticed there is a couple of
features for "umbrella" lists, but I'm not sure if this is what it is for,
or whether umbrella lists work with the members-only option.)  Write back
if you have information that may help.  Also, if there is interest I can
summarize the results to anyone interested (or back to the list if there is
enough interest) once I get it all working how I like it.

Thanks to Barry and other mailman developers for a great package!


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