[Mailman-Users] List adminstration and moderation

Paul Barnett ptb at home.ptb.org
Tue Mar 23 15:14:22 CET 1999

Since I'm a new user (Mailman 1.0b9), I'm not sure if the "problem" I'm
describing is actually a feature, but I'll submit it for consideration:

When I first enter mailing list administration:


I get a demand for "Administrative Authentication".  That's expected, but if
I immediately click on "Tend to pending administrative requests":


I get a second demand for "Administrative Authentication".  I thought this
might be so that a list manager could specify a different password for
moderation and thus let other people perform that function without giving
them access to everything else, but I can't find the ability to specify that

Is there another reason it is demanding a password a second time?

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