[Mailman-Users] newbee question.

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Wed Mar 24 16:15:39 CET 1999

"Bos, P.G.J. - SPLXM" wrote:
> Not quite so,
> my webserver runs as user nobody and group nobody, so I'm puzzled why
> mailman is complaining about GID=1.
> And where do I change this?

The webserver has nothing to do with this.
The problem reported in the log file is mail related.
Mailman need to be told what gid the MTA is operation as.
You do that by informing the configure script using something like
"--mail-gid=?". See the README or INSTALL documents.
I'm puzzled about the gid=1 situation. It seems like the sendmail
really is running with that gid in effect. In most installations
sendmail is configured to run as gid='mail' or gid='daemon' or
similar, whatever numerics that is. Never 'staff'. Daemons should
never run as 'staff'.
What symbolic name does gid=1 correspond to on your machine?

regards, Tomas

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