[Mailman-Users] Just installed 1.0b10 and have problem with call to non-function

Rupa Schomaker (list) rupa-list at rupa.com
Wed Mar 31 20:13:51 CEST 1999

"Rupa Schomaker (list)" <rupa-list at rupa.com> writes:

> 1) I had to rename $prefix/scripts/dumb_deliver to
>    $prefix/scripts/deliver -- is this ok?  Should I have been doing
>    something else?  I use postfix as a mailer, but it provides a
>    sendmail compatible interface.  But even that should matter, since
>    mailman uses smtp.

This was obviously wrong.  (and the root for some of my other
problems).  I've found the reason why I didn't have deliver.

The first thing I do when getting sources is import the sources into
CVS.  Turns out that mail/.cvsignore has an entry for "deliver" which
means that deliver will never be imported to CVS.

I assume this was NOT intended.  I've added deliver to my own CVS tree 
and hopefully won't continue having problems, but someone should
change the distributed .cvsignore files...

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