[Mailman-Users] Installing Mailman on an Virtual Host

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Feb 8 18:05:00 CET 2000

begin  Gerrit Holl quotation:
> Joan Coyne wrote on 949949601:
> > I would like to install Mailman, but I don't have root access to
> > my server, only shell access.  I am using an iServer Virtual
> > Server.  Is there anyway to get around the need for root access?
> > Does mailman have to run as its own user and group?
> You can specify any user id Mailman needs to run on, but what you'll
> certainly need is access to /cgi-bin and access to the aliases file.
> The latter is probably only writable for root. This is a fundamental
> problem, because Mailmans cgi-script need to be in a directory with
> a Apache ScriptAlias option and without the aliases file you can't
> make a mailinglist.

	Actually, the aliases file problem could be solved with
procmail and the heavy use of plus-addressing.

	He will, of course, need to have a cgi-capable directory to
use.  If cgi is allowed on his public_html, it may be possible to
define all of the mailman configuration to work with it.

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