[Mailman-Users] Questions about scanners

Eric eric at dehont.dyn.dhs.org
Mon Nov 27 23:17:52 CET 2000

Dan Wrote:
> I wrote the last person who asked a question about scanners on this forum,
> and he/she/it was able to tell me that it was some link somewhere off
> gateway.com; when I asked her/him/it to be a little more specific, it said
> "please leave me alone".

Simple questions can be SO scary!
(While writing this reply I saw another 'scannermail' arriving. Try 

> So anyway, something about Gateway scanner tech support is set to mail
> mailman-users at python.org, but I don't have what it takes to enumerate the entire
> Gateway site to try to find it.

I'm doing exactly that at the moment. With wget i create a complete 
mirror of their site -without the gifs, etc- and search the tree with

find . -name '*' -type f -exec grep -l mailman '{}' ';'

Download still going on.

In the meantime i fed altavista '+link:mailman +paperport'. It returned 
the url of the archive of a mailinglist called 'the Paperport-win32'. 
And guess what: It's a mailman-list!


So I think someone tried to put a link to this list on his site, or 
perhaps added a link 'for more information about this listmanager' next 
to it... (I believe strongly in good intentions with bad side effects...)

wget still going strong: downloaded 403 files so far. I'll check again 
tomorrow morning: It's 23:10 local time now...



P.S.: Just before sending this message I cracked it!!!

Take a look at http://list.scansoft.com. It contains exactly the good 
intended link i predicted...

Who's gonna take action?


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