[Mailman-Users] Excessive headers and Eudora

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Sat Aug 4 06:54:02 CEST 2001


Why not help your Eudora users on their end instead?  Show them how to use 
the "TabooHeaders" parameter in their eudora.ini file as below.
Any header they do not wish to see you can put in the list.  If they are 
not comfortable with text editors and manually editing ".ini" files, then 
Eudora has an easy way of helping them do it.

1. Find out exactly what headers people don't like.


2. add them to the default list.

Here is what I have for my default list:


... now with the ones you don't want appended ...


3. Now place them after the TabooHeaders parameter.


4. Paste this line into their eudora.ini file to replace the one that is 
already there.  (they might not have this line in their config as the 
default settings are actually hard coded into the software.)


4. Tell them to create a brand new message and address it to nobody. Then 
paste the following line into the body of the message.


This line is a command to Eudora to change its configuration settings.  If 
the mouse over the line they should see the command displayed in their 
status bar.  If they hit the ALT button when they hover over the line the 
cursor will turn into a finger.  Clicking on the line will then bring up a 
confirmation dialog asking if they really want to change their 
settings.  The dialog shows the default, current, and proposed value of the 
parameter.  All they have to do is click ok and its all done.

Heck if you want to be really lazy just forward this message to them and 
kick back.


ps These instructions are for the Win version.  IIRC Anything post 3.0 
should work this way.  It shouldn't be too difficult to verify this for Mac 

At 12:07 PM 8/3/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I just moved a smallish list over from majordomo over to a mailman system at
>my new web hosting service. Most of my list subscribers that use Eudora are
>complaining about the excessive headers that mailman puts on messages to the
>list. It seems that even with 'hide headers' on Eudora gets confused and lets
>about 6 lines of header crud through into message body. In later versions of
>Eudora for PC, viewing mail with the preview pane gets around this problem.
>Is there any way on the list administrators side to cut down on the number of
>headers that mailman adds to messages? I saw something like this on the
>developer's wish list page, which makes me un-hopeful about finding a simple
>solution. I haven't found any checkboxes on the admin pages that say
>"remove excess crud from headers" or anything equally conspicuous.
>If anyone knows about this, I'd appreciate some help.
>I'm not on this mailing list so please include this e-mail in your reply.
>Colin Andrews
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