[Mailman-Users] bannig someone

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Thu Mar 1 18:47:25 CET 2001


Seems like you should be able to ban them at the MTA level.  I would 
add something like:

	From:kvetch at aol.com	DISCARD

to sendmail's access db.  You'll have to adjust that to whatever MTA 
you are actually using, of course.

	- H

>Ok, I saw that this feature is on the current wishlist, but has somebody
>created some workaround for now?
>I want to ban a specific user from talking, subscribing, etc. The list
>is moderated, so of course I can stop his postings, and I get notified
>of all subscriptions, but I would like to even stop him from subscribing.
>Yes, he can change his email, etc. Whatever.
>Has someone implemented something, even if ugly :), for this? Perhaps
>another wrapper, let the alias expand to that, check the email and only
>then call the real wrapper?


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