[Mailman-Users] Multiple installations still having trouble

Dave Melton dmelton at banzuke.com
Wed Mar 7 14:55:08 CET 2001

I figured it out!  Sendmail's smrsh is a bit deceiving.  Even though
it says it's doing a "|/home/mailman/lists.erc/mail/wrapper post board",
it's REALLY running /etc/smrsh/wrapper, which was symlinked to my
original installation's wrapper.  Took a look at README.SENDMAIL, 
then added another symlink to the other wrapper and changed aliases
accordingly.  Works fine now!

I'm quite tempted to write up all the stuff I've had to figure out
over the last few days, and offer it up to the world.  I can't be
the only one that's struggled with this...

- Dave

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Dave Melton wrote:

> A few days ago, I asked for ideas on a problem I'm having setting
> up multiple installations on the same machine.  The one recommendation
> I received was to set up all of the installations under the
> "mailman.mailman" UID.GID, rather than creating separate users and
> groups for each domain's installation.  I've now done that, and am 
> having the same problem I had before.
> The web interface works fine. I can subscribe people from the web,
> they get the welcome message and I get the notification message.
> But when I post to the list, it bounces with the following error:
>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> Mailman error: post got bad listname: board
> 554 5.3.0 "|/home/mailman/lists.erc/mail/wrapper post board"... unknown
> mailer error 1
> What I can tell from this is that the message was received, routed
> to the correct script, and the script was able to execute.  For 
> some reason, the "post" script can't tell that the list is there!
> What the heck have I done wrong?

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