[Mailman-Users] Desperate plea for help ....

Pete Phillips pete at smtl.co.uk
Thu Mar 8 17:46:00 CET 2001


Last desperate plea for help otherwise I will have to go back to using 

I haven't had any responses to my 2 posts about the wrapper program
problem. I'm assuming it's because I am doing something idiotic, but
*any* response would be appreciated - either detailed help (very
welcome) or just "the compilation flag should be X instead of Y".

So, here is my problem again.  Remember - it's SmartList next :-)


I too am experiencing problems with 2.0.1 mailman and the wrapper GID
problem. Enclosed below are, hopefully, enough snippets for someone to
solve the problem.

Firstly - yes, I have followed the INSTALL (as I understand it), read
the FAQ, searched the python.org archives, and searched all of this
years mailman digests.


        Platform:  Red Hat Linux 6.0 , Kernel 2.2.17 on an i686
        Mailman: 2.0.1        MTA: sendmail-8.11.0

On sending the confirmation reply to a subscription request, I get the 
following in my sendmail log:

        Mar 1 11:53:58 ds9 Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec
        script. WANTED gid 1, GOT gid 12.  (Reconfigure to take 12?)

Here is my configuration line:

        ./configure  --prefix=/share/store/mailman-2.0.1

(BTW - I tried with numerical gid 12 instead of 'mail' - I get the
same problem. )

As you can see, it is configured for 12/mail (see group file entry below).

However, if I run the following by hand:
           /share/mailman/linux/mail/wrapper mailcmd test2

I get 

        Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 0.
        (Reconfigure to take 0?)

I.e., the wrapper here seems to understand that gid of 12 is required, 
but it is getting 0 (because I ran this as root from the command line

My sendmail.cf contains the following:
           O DefaultUser=8:12

My /etc/group file contains:

      ls -al /etc/smrsh/wrapper
      lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           33 Aug  8  2000 /etc/smrsh/wrapper 
--> /share/mailman/linux/mail/wrapper

Any help *deeply* appreciated :-)


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