[Mailman-Users] 3rd REPOST: File Ownerships

Orion (Steve Pirk) orion at deathcon.com
Fri Mar 9 02:18:44 CET 2001

Have you run the "set group sticky bit" commands?
The files should be: 
ls -l /home/mailman/lists/somelist/request.db
-rw-rw-r--   1 mailman  mailman         2 Mar  7 17:00 request.db
And the directory permissions should be:
drwxrwsr-x  10 mailman  mailman      1024 Mar  8 14:32 lists/
drwxrwsr-x   2 mailman  mailman      1024 Mar  8 17:00 somelist/

The commands run (as root) are:
(assuming mailman installed in /home/mailman)
cd /home/mailman
chgrp mailman . (or chgrp -R mailman . if post install change)
chmod a+rx,g+ws . (or chmod -R a+rx,g+ws . if post install change)

I am not sure if running the chmod a+rx,g+ws will modify the files
if run after installation. Since this command is meant to be run
before install, I am not sure what effect it will have on the existing

Let us know if this hel;ps at all. I have never seen a situation where
the webserver could not access the mailman files... Also, make sure
the following is in your webserver config for the domain that you
run the web interface under:
ScriptAlias /mailman /home/mailman/cgi-bin

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On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

> 	Okay, this is now the third time I'm posting this and no one has come
> up with a reason, nor solution for this yet.
> 	My mailman installation has all of the files owned by mailman.mailman,
> however when you log in through the admin interface, it'll blow up
> saying that it doesn't have permission to access the request.db and t he
> only way to fix that is to change the ownership to the httpd daemon
> (httpd.daemon).  However, what the checkdb crontab runs, it blows up
> because that same file is not owned by mailman.mailman.  What gives?
> 	AMK4
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