[Mailman-Users] Capitalization request

Andrew Jones jones at engineous.com
Fri Mar 9 14:00:06 CET 2001

To Whom it May Concern:
	I was hoping to be able to provide a patch that would solve my problem 
(i'm sure it's an easy fix), but i am bogged down in everything else, not least 
of which is sendmail.
	The company i work for may be using Mailman in the near future for a 
mailing list for users of our software. Our product name is iSIGHT, and the list 
is supposed to be called isight-users at engineous.com. I have already set Mailman 
up; we are simply waiting on approval from upperlevel management. One comment 
that was made was that "iSIGHT" should appear consistantly with that 
capitalization. I would say that EVERY component of Mailman should be 
case-preserving, but not case sensitive. isight-users as opposed to iSIGHT-users 
is perfectly acceptable, because people are used to seeing e-mail addresses in 
lowercase. However, when customers visit the Mailman pages for our list and see 
Isight-users as the name of the list, that is decidedly uncool. This appears to 
have resulted from the initial setup of the list, when Mailman capitalized the 
"i". Changing it back (or even to iSIGHT) from the administration Web page works 
as hoped. I hope i have made my problem clear.
	Thank You for Your work on an excellent product. I was impressed by the 
quick response to the recent discovery of a minor security hole, and i was also 
impressed by how minor the security hole is. (Perhaps it is not minor for some 
sites, but our company is small, and we trust the list administrator-to-be.)

				Andrew Jones
				Assistant System Administrator
				Andrew.Jones at engineous.com

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