[Mailman-Users] Question about admindb interface

Chris Barnett CBarnett at UFF.UFL.EDU
Mon Mar 19 22:24:03 CET 2001

Hi.  Last week I upgraded from Mailman 1.1 to 2.0.3 and I've been very
pleased with the results.

The only problem of any sort has been with the admindb interface, and it's
not really a problem per se.  I really like the new layout of it with the
scrollable form boxes. However I have one listadmin with an announce-only
list who is completely freaking out.  

He uses the admin interface to take one final glance over his post before he
sends it out.  The new interface displays the message body in a "Message
Excerpt" box which is exactly that, an excerpt of the message (seemed pretty
obvious to me).  The admin of this list is completely losing it though
because he can't see and therefore proof his entire message because the box
cuts off the message after a certain point.

Is there anyway to jack up the size of the excerpt displayed in the admindb

I couldn't find it anywhere in the web interface and I was hoping there was
a setting in config_list that could take care of this.  Like I said, it
really isn't that big of a deal and I like it better the way it is now, but
getting this guy off my back would be a big relief.

Thanks in advance,


Chris Barnett
Web Designer/Programmer
University of Florida Alumni Association
University of Florida Foundation, Inc.

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