[Mailman-Users] new mailman user

jeffr at odeon.net jeffr at odeon.net
Fri Mar 23 22:57:16 CET 2001

Heya folks,

I've been working on setting up a test box as I'm hoping to migrate from a
sendmail/majordomo/uw-imap sytem to a postfix/mailman/cyrus-imap system.

I've got postfix installed and using cyrus-imap for local delivery.  It
appears to be working correctly (I can send and receive e-mail both local
to the test server and from other boxes on the internet).

I then installed mailman, which seemed to go fine.  I can set up lists
and access the web interface.  However, when a message is sent to my test
list it gets bounced back to the sender.  /var/log/maillog shows the

Mar 23 15:27:15 locutus 
postfix/pipe[11534]: E139233F12: to=<test at locutus.odeon.net>, relay=cyrus, 
delay=2, status=bounced (data format error) 

My entry in master.cf for cyrus is the following (which may not even be

cyrus     unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
    flags=R user=cyrus argv=/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -m ${extension} ${user}

In searching the mailing list archives I came across some references to
the 'data format error' in relation to DNS inconsistencies, and I was
wondering if mailman tries to do a reverse lookup which might be failing,
as my non-mailman email traffic to/from this test box is still working.

Are there any other relevant config files that I should provide?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

jeffr at odeon.net

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