[Mailman-Users] please help :)

Aleksandra Witkowska aleksw at ameritech.net
Mon Mar 26 21:50:00 CEST 2001

Dear List Users/Admins,

I'm in a bit of a quandary as to how to solve a problem regarding a list
admin tool. I'm working for a non-for-profit technology community trying to
help a team build a user-friendly admin tool for signing up for our

We're trying to make a tool that tracks people who sign up and gives them a
login as well as signs them up to a list or two (at their discretion of
course :)

Now, I am not a Unix-program, but I have administered Mailman lists through
the web-interface admin tools. I would like to know a few things if

First off, we're sending commands to the list via-e-mail when a person
registers, but we've run into a couple serious hitches.

1.)Is there were a way to set nomail at the same time as subscription in the
same e-mail? Or another way to do this? For example (in the e-mail body to
the list):
 subscribe myPassWd nomail

I know the body above _doesn't_ work :(, but I have some hope for a
variation, since there IS the "subscribe myPassWd digest" possibility, which
means that Mailman CAN set SOME options during subscription.  Perhaps there
is some way the admin can customize the list that I am unaware of... if so,

2.)Can a request email include ANY kind of notice to the list admin?  Like a
"comments" line?
subscribe myPassWd
    // set this person to nomail when approving

This way the admin goes in and sets the option if mailman can't.

I apologize if these are very basic questions, but I'm not a true list admin
(but a web programmer here :)

Thanks in advance for any light on this issue. If you can even point me to
some references/sources on this subject that would help too,

aleksw at ameritech.net

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