[Mailman-Users] List configuration options, available now or not?

JC Dill mailman at vo.cnchost.com
Fri Mar 30 22:22:18 CEST 2001

On 11:05 AM 3/30/01, Ron Echeverri wrote:

 >I disagree.  Since we can't control spammers, perhaps we should simply
 >control ourselves, and instead of complaining about the spam, we
 >should simply delete it.  I'm sure Barry is doing all he can to limit
 >the influx of crap, but there's little he can do about people whining.

As people who setup and manage mailing lists and mailing list servers and 
email servers, keeping spam off the lists *we setup* for our users is part 
of our job.  That's why discussing this issue IS useful, it gets tools made 
that automate that job, which is why we have mailing list software (like 
mailman, like majordomo) in the first place.  This list is merely an 
example.  Keeping spam off this particular list isn't nearly as important 
as being able to keep spam off similar lists, and determining if this can 
be easily done with mailman or not.

I keep bringing up this list merely because it seems to be pity that the 
list server software authors don't care more about configuring their OWN 
list to meet what I consider minimum list configuration requirements.

Perhaps that was a mistake, because I'm not nearly as concerned with the 
setup of this particular list as I am with whether I can configure mailman 
to setup MY lists the way I want them.  So far, none of my questions on 
this topic have been addressed by other subscribers of this list or by the 
software authors.

I have 2 outstanding questions about mailman configuration options:

1)  Does mailman have a configuration setting such that everyone who is 
subscribed to a list can post unmoderated, but email from a non-subscriber 
will be sent to a moderator for approval?

Yes or No?

To let some non-subscribers post without moderation (a practice that I 
personally feel has dubious value, since their question might be answered 
in a post to the list, perhaps in response to someone else asking the same 
question, but they won't see it because they aren't subscribed), how about 
implementing simple filter so that if a non-subscriber's post mentions one 
or more keywords, let it through to the list unmoderated, otherwise it goes 
to the moderator?

Is this currently available, or not?

2)  Is [content filtering on the headers or body, to block messages that 
are in reply to an entire digest] possible with mailman?  Before I move my 
majordomo list to a new server with new mailing list software (mailman is 
the software I'm considering, obviously), it is a requirement that I can 
configure that software to do the same things I can currently easily do 
with majordomo.  I don't want to waste my time trying to futz around with 
installing and configuring mailman before I learn that it won't let me do 
some of the critical things I need it to do.

Is this available, or not?


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