[Mailman-Users] Internal web pages vs external email users

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Nov 13 17:00:22 CET 2001

Yes, I understand; however, Mailman does not provide that functionality.  On
the bright side, the newest version (still in alpha) has some of that
functionality.  So in this case, patience will bring you closer to your

Jon Carnes
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> Hello again,
> Thanks for the prompt reply.  I think you may be misunderstanding what
> I want to do.  First, I don't want list administrators to have to make
> that software should be able to do.
> I want a filter that when it sees an external email address for a member,
> simply removes "list URL" references from the current email message.
> One if statement somewhere that selects from two email templates for the
> current  canned message.  I don't want URL's appearing in messages that
> are inaccessible to the recipient.
> My real problem is that I don't know the logic of Mailman or Python.
> Thanks again,
> Dale

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