[Mailman-Users] Giving descriptive names to mail adresses

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Mon Oct 15 22:45:01 CEST 2001

> So I would like some way to add some sort of description to these email
> adresses.
> Standard email headers allow for a ".." part (e.g.
> "Gerhard den Hollander" <gdenhollander at jasongeo.com>
> Is there some trick to do the same in mailman , so that the membership
> will look like e.g.
> xpZorp at yahoo.com "Joe Dalton"
> ap122 at home.com  "Averell Dalton:
> &c &c ?
>From what I have seen on the list, you cannot use a descriptive field with
the email address.  You may wish to make this a Requested Future Feature.
It actually wouldn't be that hard to make happen.  In fact, since its open
source, feel free to do it yourself!  I know I would (except I don't have
the time...).

You might want to make this a self-service item.  Let users subscribe and
unsubscribe themselves.  Simply add a link to the bottom of each email
pointing to the http...listinfo page of your mailman list.  You will still
have confirm on any subscribes, but it will be much less work for you, and
you won't have to match up obscure email addresses to folks names!

Take care - Jon Carnes

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