[Mailman-Users] Search Archive Feature?

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Thu Oct 25 21:16:52 CEST 2001

Richard, I got a good one for you...

Below in this email, you mentioned that you could get the patches to 
work if they ran on a different machine that the one that the actual 
archives lived on.  Unfortuneatly, I think I may have to go there... 
 Htdig does not compile under gcc-3.0.X, and it is difficult to get 
going under solaris 8 from what I have read and been replied to on the 
htdig mailing list.  

So, I have my ultra 5 desktop set up so that it exports the whole 
mailman dir to a linux box at the far end of the room.  The linux box 
has a successfull build of htdig, and another mailman test site(with 
searchable archives working!).  I mounted the mailman export from the 
ultra 5 into /mnt/ultra on the linux box.  From there, I added the stuff 
to mm_cfg.py on the sun (/mnt/ultra/Mailman/mm_cfg.py on the linux box):

HTDIG_MAILMAN_DIR = 'htdig-ultra'
HTRUNDIG_PATH = '/usr/local/htdig/bin/rundig' # (on the linux box)
after previously creating a symlink on the linux box from 
/mnt/ultra/archives/htdig to /usr/local/htdig/conf/htdig-ultra (on the 
linux box)

The main archives webpage on the sun picks up the patches, and displays 
the search box, like it should.  However, after I enter a query, I get 
an error saying:

requested URL /cgi-bin/htsearch was not found on the server.
I figure this comes from the fact htdig never was installed on the sun, 
and that this was getting picked up from the linux box install of htdig.

In addition, the link that gets created from the nightly_htdig cron job 
(I think it comes from there, I could very well be wrong) points to
 /home/mailman/archives/private/listname/htdig/listname.conf.  Problem 
is, on the linux box, that directory is not correct, and it points to 
the local mailman install.  

To correct this, I think that link should instead point to 

Granted, that will only take care of one of my problems.  (How)/can I 
get the query to perform correctly on the sun machine with no htdig 
installed? or did I read too much into what you said?

Richard Barrett wrote:

> Mark
> At 14:56 19/10/2001 -0400, Mark T. Valites wrote:
>> I've been looking at implementing these two patches into a new 
>> mailman install I am doing here.  The documentation seems to be 
>> missing though. I'm able to patch the mailman source, but what to do 
>> after that I'm a bit lost as for what to do.  While this isn't a 
>> mailing list for these pathces, I was wondering if anyone has had any 
>> experience installing these patchs, ideas of where I can find more 
>> info on them, and maybe if anyone knows if they can be added to an 
>> existing mailman install after it has already been implemented and used.
> Read the INSTALL file in $build/INSTALL which is patched by the 
> patches. It should now contain the following text:
>         - Setting up Mailman list archive search using
>           Mailman-htdig (http://www.htdig.org) integration
>           You must have htdig installed and it must be able to access
>           $prefix/archives directly i.e. either htdig must be running
>           on the same machine as Mailman or it must be able to reach
>           the archives via NFS.
>           Next, establish where htdig expects to find its configuration
>           files. For instance with my copy of Redhat 6.2 Secure Web 
> Server rpms
>           this is /etc. With Suse Linux 6.4 rpms this is 
> /opt/www/htdig/conf.
>           Create a symbolic link in this directory to 
> $prefix/archives/htdig.
>           For instance:
>               ln -s /home/mailman/archives/htdig /etc/htdig-mailman
>           You need to set up the following Mailman configuration 
> parameters
>           in $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py:
>           HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK - string variable. Set this to the name 
> of the
>           symlink you just created. For instance:
>               HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK = 'htdig-mailman'
>           HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH - string variable. The path to the script 
> which
>           runs to build htdig search indices. For example:
>               HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH = '/usr/bin/rundig'
>           USE_HTDIG = 1 - python truth value activates Mailman use of 
> htdig
>       Lists with archives will be searchable via the list's TOC page from
>       now on.
>       Notes:
>       1. By default, rundig is run for each archived list every day (if
>          new posts to the list have been archived since rundig was last
>          run) by cron executing the script $prefix/cron/nightly_htdig.
>          Change Mailman's crontab entries if you want to change this
>          interval.
>       2. Until a list has some archived postings and nightly_htdig has
>          been run once, then search's of a list's archive will fail with
>          a complaint about missing db files. To overcome this, post a
>          message to the list and run nightly_htdig by hand from the
>          command line under the mailman UID.
> If you need any further info, please contact me. Best of luck
> Richard
>> Richard Barrett wrote:
>>> The following patches integrate the htdig (http://www.htdig.org/) 
>>> search engine with Mailman.
>>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=444879&group_id=103&atid=300103
>>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=444884&group_id=103&atid=300103
>>> At 09:52 03/10/2001 -0400, The Berean wrote:
>>>> Thanks for the answers to my previous question, they were very much
>>>> appreciated.  I just have one more:
>>>> Does Mailman provide a feature for searching archives?  I know it 
>>>> can list
>>>> and store archives, but I havent seen anything about searching 
>>>> them.  If
>>>> not, would a CGI search script do the job?  If it can, what would 
>>>> be the
>>>> best CGI script to use?  I have an Entropy search script 
>>>> preinstalled on my
>>>> server, but it's designed to searc my entire website, not strictly the
>>>> archives.  I noticed Python.org has a feature for searching the 
>>>> archives by
>>>> Inktomi, but that looks like its going to cost a couple of amputations.
>>>> Thanks for any help!
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