[Mailman-Users] Message has implicit destination

Geoff Wright webmaster at qwik-reply.net
Mon Oct 29 16:03:08 CET 2001


Can anyone suggest what I have set up wrong.

I've recently set up a Mailman list which I wanted only members to be able
to post to.

I have "Must posts be approved by an administrator? " set NO
and "Restrict posting privilege to list members? " set Yes

but then for every message posted as Admin I get an email with the


As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

    List:    Narrowboat_fitout_forum at qwik-reply.net
    From:    xxx at yyy.co.uk
    Subject: zzzzz
    Reason:  Message has implicit destination

>end snip<

I really don't want this...

Can anyone suggest what I've done wrong ?

Many Thanks

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