[Mailman-Users] Admin passwords made invalid by upgrade to Python 2.2

Neal M. Holtz nholtz at docuweb.ca
Wed Apr 3 23:47:59 CEST 2002

I'm using mailman 2.0.6 and was using Python 1.5.2

Last week I upgraded to Python 2.2.1c2.  A few days later, it was
noticed that none of the list administrators passwords would work any
more.  I suspect this was related to the Python upgrade (its hard to
tell for sure, but at least one other person has noticed - Jeff
Klassen in
).  There was no reply to that message.  

When I looked at the encrypted password in the list config.db 
I noticed that there were characters in there that were NOT
put there by crypt() (and so the file contained an invalid encryption):

# ./dumpdb ../lists/foro/config.db.last | fgrep password
    'password': 'ix\xeb\xeaA\x9b\xd6\x01\xb3\xd8j\x9dtN\x80\xb8',

A bit strange. Was wondering if anyone knew about this or why it

Its not a big deal for me, as I was able to change all the passwords
to be workable.

Neal Holtz                             http://www.docuweb.ca/~nholtz
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering,   Carleton University,   
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6.                   nholtz at docuweb.ca

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