[Mailman-Users] Any method to set alias for each member?

Lewis Lau WTLEWIS at cityu.edu.hk
Fri Apr 19 06:33:33 CEST 2002

>Now I have Mailman 2.0.9 up and run on my Mandrake box. I've created a 
>small list (about 20 members) for my students to take group discussion. 
>What I exactly wanted is:
>      1. Hidden the "real email address" of the senders when they posting 
> message on the list.
>      2. Each of them should have an alias (different names) showing in 
> the email header, so that others are still able to realise who is who.
>I done the first part by set the "Hide the sender of a message, replacing 
>it with the list address (Removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields)" 
>option in the "Privacy Option" page to "Yes", now everybody have a fake 
>"From address": member at list.somewhere.net, but unfortunately everybody 
>have the same "From" alias, "Member-admin" as well! =(
>Can somebody tell me how to setup the second part? I sincerely appreciate 
>for your kindly help!
>Best Regards,

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