[Mailman-Users] OSX Server- Can I Get Sendmail and AppleMail to Work Together?

Delpy delpy at sover.net
Wed Jan 23 00:50:47 CET 2002

I'm not sure about an OS X  binary but Mailman is a snap to get working with
Aliases are automatic and that alone makes it (exim) worth the

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> Forgive my newbiehood.  I've been reading the archives for hours before
> pestering the list.
> I'm trying to install MailMan on OSX Server 10.1.2 (the latest and
> greatest).  I was able to get Python installed, and mailman installed
> correctly.  Now I'm at the dreaded stage of having everything going just
> swell- EXCEPT my aliases never work.  The mail bounces back as unkown
> user.  (I can send out welcome messages)
> I was able to add the aliases in the right place and calling newaliases
> produced this in the mail.log:
> Jan 22 14:42:53 algore04 sendmail[558]: /etc/mail/aliases: 4 aliases,
> longest 58 bytes, 218 bytes total
> Jan 22 14:49:11 algore04 sendmail[594]: alias database /etc/mail/aliases
> rebuilt by admin
> So it looks like it's working.
> Now, OSX Server is an odd beast.  It isn't only Sendmail.  Apple threw
> in their own Mail Server too.  Normally sendmail stays dormant.  It
> doesn't look like Apple's (still very new and not very good yet) mail
> server can even support aliases.  So, I'm trying to get sendmail to take
> over at least enough of the mail functions to get mailman working.
> Has anyone else crossed this bridge yet?  I see that there are some OSX
> users on the list...  If sendmail isn't the best choice, can I get
> another OSX binary that works well with Mailman?
> Thank you, I am grateful.
> -Dylan
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