[Mailman-Users] Mailman does not send its mail to the users

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at icevi.org
Thu Nov 7 00:36:51 CET 2002

Dear listers,
I am a user who has an account and a virtual domain with an ISP. The ISP 
runs Mailman version 2.0.6. For whatever reason, lists for other accounts on 
that machine are working fine, but not for mine.
Basically, Mailman stopped responding to admin requests as well as 
distribute its mail to the users.
The support guy removed those lists of mine and recreated them again, but 
the problem did not disappear.
They are running Qmail as their MTA.
All the messages that I sent to either list admin addresses or to the users 
end up in my catch-all account.
The funniest thing is that the admin pannel works fine, however, archives do 
not expand. 

I hope I gave you enough info.
Waiting eagerly for your hints and help.

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