Problems with personalization (was Re: OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users] Archive URL in postings (2.1b3))

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Tue Oct 29 21:46:29 CET 2002

First off, yes, I turned on personalization for this list, and yes, I
should have notified the list members before doing this.  I talked it
over with the list owners, but that clearly wasn't enough.  My

But don't forget your special place of honor <wink> as guinea pigs for
the new software, so complaints are welcome and taken in that
constructive spirit too!

>>>>> "NM" == Nigel Metheringham
>>>>> <Nigel.Metheringham at> writes:

    NM> However I find the addition of my delivery address into the To
    NM> line highly irritating (even more so if I use list specific
    NM> delivery addresses).

You're not the only person who has complained about that, and I can
see the point.  I think Chuq was lobbying for not putting the
recipient's address in the To line, but I disagreed because I thought
it would be friendlier.  Chuq was probably right and I was probably

So I'm willing to change that so that the To header is no different
regardless of whether personalization is enabled or not.  Ideally, we
might want YACV (yet another configuration variable), but I'll default
to yagni until we have a use case for otherwise.
As for any filters you might have in place, I think Chuq's right, you
/should/ be filtering on List-ID.  I can sympathize with filters on To
headers, and my backtracking on this decision will fix that.  I don't
have much sympathy for filters on Sender headers.  I put Sender
squarely in the implementation detail corner so I feel like I can
change that if necessary.  You shouldn't be relying on Sender anyway
because it's only required if different than the From header.


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