Problems with personalization (was Re: OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users] Archive URL in postings (2.1b3))

John Vozza john at
Tue Oct 29 21:52:16 CET 2002

Whatever change you made also broke the unsubscribe since I have been
trying to get off the list since you started the "personalization" stuff.

(And yes, I did send email's to the proper address as indicated in the
message headers...)


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On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> First off, yes, I turned on personalization for this list, and yes, I
> should have notified the list members before doing this.  I talked it
> over with the list owners, but that clearly wasn't enough.  My
> apologies.
> But don't forget your special place of honor <wink> as guinea pigs for
> the new software, so complaints are welcome and taken in that
> constructive spirit too!
> >>>>> "NM" == Nigel Metheringham
> >>>>> <Nigel.Metheringham at> writes:
>     NM> However I find the addition of my delivery address into the To
>     NM> line highly irritating (even more so if I use list specific
>     NM> delivery addresses).
> You're not the only person who has complained about that, and I can
> see the point.  I think Chuq was lobbying for not putting the
> recipient's address in the To line, but I disagreed because I thought
> it would be friendlier.  Chuq was probably right and I was probably
> wrong.
> So I'm willing to change that so that the To header is no different
> regardless of whether personalization is enabled or not.  Ideally, we
> might want YACV (yet another configuration variable), but I'll default
> to yagni until we have a use case for otherwise.
> As for any filters you might have in place, I think Chuq's right, you
> /should/ be filtering on List-ID.  I can sympathize with filters on To
> headers, and my backtracking on this decision will fix that.  I don't
> have much sympathy for filters on Sender headers.  I put Sender
> squarely in the implementation detail corner so I feel like I can
> change that if necessary.  You shouldn't be relying on Sender anyway
> because it's only required if different than the From header.
> HTH,
> -Barry
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