[Mailman-Users] queued, but not sent

Jeremy jcapps at qwest.net
Tue Oct 29 03:49:11 CET 2002

recently upgraded from sendmail-8.11.6.i386.rpm on redhat 7.1 to sendmail
8.12.6 installed from source, and after sorting out the new --with-mail-gid
(8.12.6 needed a new mail gid) I needed and rebuilt smrsh, placing a new
symlink to wrapper, mailman seems to be receiving posts ok, but the posts
end up directly in the queue (qfiles dir) with no errors in any of the
mailman or sendmail logs.  Adding users, mailman will still send out
notifications, with no errors.  What would cause it to directly queue
messages without an error?  Mailman version is 2.0.13.

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