[Mailman-Users] Script Alternative to Radio Buttons?

C. Kay Wellens iwlceo at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 19:48:15 CEST 2003

We need a command line script alternative to the web
page radio buttons, and we are willing to pay for it!

We have ten mailman mailing lists that we use very
effectively with our customers and internal staff. 
Every day, our Administrator has to go to the "Pending
Administrative Requests for mailing list ..." to get
rid of all the spam posts.  Often there are fifty or
so per mailing list, so 500 unwanted administrative
pieces of mail.

It takes a very long time (one or more hours per day)
to click the "discard" radio button for each mail
message per mailing list, and then finally click on
the "Submit All Data" button.

Our administrator would like to quickly skim the
pending messages, see if there are any that are
bonafide messages that should be posted to the mailing
list, and then discard all the rest in one fell swoop.

If someone could write us a script that we could run
from the Red Hat Linux command line, we are willing to
pay for the development and resubmit to the community.

We would like to do something like this:

linux prompt% discard pendingmsgs mailinglistone

where "discard" is the command, "pendingmsgs" is an
argument, and "mailinglistone" is the name of the
mailing list to get the treatment.

We use Mailman 2.1.2 and RedHat Linux 9.x.  We
compiled our own version of Mailman because the one
that shipped with RedHat did not work right.  Our
network administrator who set this all up says he is
too busy to write the script for us, so that is why we
are asking for help from the community.

Thanks in advance.

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