[Mailman-Users] mm2.1 cookie problem?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 7 01:05:09 CET 2003

>>>>> "BF" == Bryan Fullerton <bryanf at samurai.com> writes:

    BF>  From time to time (ah, the best kind of bug), the cookie set
    BF> when logging into a list seems to "go bad" - after
    BF> authenticating, any other admin operation (admin pages,
    BF> admindb, list archives) results in prompting again for the
    BF> password every time a link is clicked or a form submitted.

I've only ever seen this with lists on python.org that we upgraded
from MM2.0 according to the instructions in the UPGRADING file (see
UPGRADING INDIVIDUAL LISTS).  I've never seen this for brand new MM2.1
lists.  I've suspect it's some wacky interaction with Apache so I've
tended to ignore it, so I'd like to know if the lists you're having
problems with are using these rewrite rules.

Indeed since Mailman's cookies are session cookies, restarting your
browser should "take care" of the problem.  I've also had success
doing a Logout (with a couple of authentications :/ ) followed by
using Mozilla's cookie manager to manually delete the cookies.  Doing
just one or the other never seemed to do the trick.


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