[Mailman-Users] Re: senddigests -> LookupError: unknown encoding

VLists.Net Support Support at VLists.Net
Fri Jan 24 21:40:12 CET 2003

After playing with this a bit, I've found that it's specificly because of
the Windows-1252 charset not being recognized.  The linefeed/tab in the
header didn't make any difference as it choked on another message that
didn't have the linefeed/tab, but was also Windows-1252 charset.

Now...  a new problem has cropped up.  One of my list members posts to the
list using the TWIG webmail program and that program does not add
Content-Type: header at all.  Therefore when her mail message, which is
actually US-ASCII plain text, is digested, it comes out with...

----non-text attachment stripped----

and no message body at all. That's kinda wrong because 1) it was text, and
2) it wasn't an attachment.

Both of these are bugs that need to be addressed pretty quickly, if possible.

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