[Mailman-Users] List_URL in Mailman 2.1.2

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Thu Jun 19 15:44:47 CEST 2003

At 14:38 19/06/2003, Tobias Müller wrote:
> > I've just grep'ed a MM 2.0.13 build directory and cannot fin
> > the string
> > list_url in any of the files. Where/how were you using this
> > variable? Was
> > it part of the standard MM code or added by some patch?
> >
> > As to 2.1.2, each mail list has an attribute web_page_url
> > (also used in MM
> > 2.0.13) and there are also the configuration variables
> > and PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL which are used by the MM code to generate URLs
> > (including the per list web_page_url values).
>You're right! I opened my old installation to look up how exactly the
>paramter was named:
>web_page_url (general): Base URL for Mailman web interface. The URL must
>end in a single "/". See also the details for an important warning when
>changing this value.
> > What are you trying to do/achieve?
>I want an custom webpage url for each mailing list. I think the
>web_page_url paramter is what I'm searching but I can't find it in the
>new web-interface!

The ability to edit web_page_url via the web admin GUI for a list was 
removed in MM 2.1.2; reason was that if admin's got it wrong it screwed the 
list's web admin GUI and it could only be fixed from the command line, 
hence dangerous, hence removed.

With MM 2.1.x you can modify web_page_url using the $prefix/bin/withlist 
script fix_url.py

Just run the $prefix/bin/fix_url.py and it should print its usage.

>   Tobias

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