[Mailman-Users] A www interface to Mailman mbox archives

Andy Sy andy at nospam.com
Mon Oct 6 15:47:50 CEST 2003

Hi all, I would like to interface a DHTML-based, collapsible
threaded message interface I've developed to GNU Mailman

THe key technique relies on building an index (ala mail summary
files) of the raw mbox and retrieving messages using an HTTP ranged
request from it on an as-needed basis.

Question for list admins out there is:

Do you find yourselves expunging / compacting the raw mbox?  And
if so, how often?

Once I index the raw mbox, can I count on the present messages in
it to remain in the same positions and only have to check / index
on the new messages appended to the end?

reply-to: a n d y @ n e t f x p h . c o m
Web and Software Development

"Bring back reply-to munging.  People are sick of getting duplicate
messages and I'm sick of removing CCs each time I do reply-all to a
list message! And, NO, changing email clients is NOT the answer."

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