[Mailman-Users] Archive format

david at restory.net david at restory.net
Mon Apr 12 06:17:57 CEST 2004


Great product. I'm just having two problems.  The messages in archives don't wrap, so a line of text runs way off the screen.  I've removed all content filtering commands, as well as disabling content filtering, but it still happens.  "Convert html to plaintext" is also disabled, but plaintext still appears.  

I'd also like to disable the function that strips attachements.  All the people on this particular list are trustworthy; it's a limited, secure list, and I want to preserve attachments for the archives.  Is that possible?


David Ruekberg
david at restory.net
"The true test of the imagination is the ability to name a cat." - W.H. Auden (attrib. to Samuel Butler)

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