[Mailman-Users] sending mail to members in batches

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Dec 2 01:43:48 CET 2004

At 11:00 AM +1300 2004-12-02, Darryl Hamilton wrote:

>  I'm wondering if there is a setting in mailman to send mail out to
>  members of a list in batches - for example send 100, wait 30 seconds,
>  send to the next 100, wait 30 seconds, and so on.

	Nope.  See 

>  This is a cPanel install (and from what I've heard, they distribute a
>  custom version of mailman), but they don't have any settings I can
>  change.

	Well, cPanel is rather problematic.  See 

>  I've had a look through all of the archives, and googled until my
>  fingers bled (ok, not really), and the only thing I've found was a
>  reference to what I think is another customised version of mailman or
>  something completely different (it mentioned settings that I can't find
>  anywhere).

	Did you search the FAQ Wizard at 

	If so, can you tell us what terms you used to search, but failed 
to turn up the entry mentioned above?  If we're not putting the right 
keywords into the description, then we need to fix that.

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