Jesse Long jpl at unknown.za.net
Sun Dec 12 11:10:10 CET 2004


I have a list, and the mail hostname and web url is correct, but the 
archives' hostname points to the actual hostname of the server, not the 
virtual hostname used by the other web interfaces.

I found the following:

which indicates that I need to change the PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL variable 
for the list. So I create a file with the following line in

PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'http://correct.host.name/pipermail/listname/'

and bin/config_list -i filename listname

but it gives a warning "attribute PUBLIB_ARCHIVE_URL ignored". And the 
listinfo page still points to the wrong hostname

Am I doing this correctly? Please help.

PS. using 2.1.5


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