[Mailman-Users] QMail, Gentoo, and Mailman?

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Fri Feb 6 15:13:30 CET 2004

06-Feb-04 at 09:06, Tom and Denise Caudron (caudron at digitalelite.com) wrote :
> 1) I want to be able to set up a "MyList at MyDomain.com" mail account on
> the provider's side and let Mailman check it and treat it like a mailing
> list on my side.  Is it possible to tell mailman to use remote pop
> accounts or must I be running a local pop service?

You need fetchmail. It will go to a POP mailbox, get the mail, rewrite
addresses as needed, and forward it to your local SMTP server which will
have aliases for Mailman. Easy to set up, you can have it run every 5-10
minutes or something, which should allow for all but the highest volume
mailing list requirements. Downtime your end just means a gap in mailing
list distribution.

> 2) None of the primary Gentoo maintainers for Mailman seem to be using
> QMail.  Therefore, when I emerged it I found myself loking at
> documentation that is mostly for people with different smtp services
> running.  I am profoundly lost.  I've never set up a mailing list
> service before.  Can anyone point me to a decent how-to for QMail and
> Mailman?

I don't know qmail, can't help you here. I could flippantly say emerge
postfix instead, but that's not helping you any.


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