[Mailman-Users] Link to the archives in archivised posts.

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Mon Jan 12 09:31:05 CET 2004

11-Jan-04 at 23:21, Brad Knowles (brad.knowles at skynet.be) wrote :
> At 1:35 AM +0100 2004/01/11, Andrzej Kasperowicz wrote:
> > I think that there should be present a link to the main archive web page
> > in every archivised message seen in archive, because at the moment there
> > is only link to the subscribtion page (information page), and possibility
> > to sort messages differently, but if I read it sorted by thread for
> > example, I cannot go back to the begining of the thread or to the main
> > archive web page by clicking on a link - there is no such a link,
> > unfortunatelly.
> 	Like many open source projects, mailman is written by volunteers. 
> Unfortunately, most of these people have limited time available, and 
> have to find other ways to pay the bills.  Sometimes even simple 
> changes are more than the development team can do, because they're 
> way behind and overwhelmed with other work.  If you can provide a 
> patch to implement this functionality, I'm sure they'd more than 
> welcome your submission.  If you can provide funding to help pay for 
> someone else to develop such a feature, I'm sure they'd welcome that.

You can use an external archiver... mHonArc is the one I use, and I
believe it has this functionality. It's quite easy to set up to run
alongside Mailman. I think (IIRC) that the reason more time is not spent
on the archiver is because drop-in replacements already exist, and
therefore the Mailman developers time is best spent improving core


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