[Mailman-Users] mailman not sending held message notifications

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Nov 15 02:15:11 CET 2004

Noah wrote:
>okay I am at a loss here and sure how to fix this problem.  there is a
>maillist that is not sending administrative notifications to the
>administrators and moderators when a moderated member posts to the list. 
>There is a message to the poster but the administrators.
>any clues how I can figure out from the logs what is going on here - because
>the only thing that has information is the vette logs but there is no details
>of all the admin email notifications that get sent when a message is held. 
>where do I go from here?

The notices are sent first from sitelist-bounces to listname-owner
where they should be received by Mailman and resent to the

The Mailman smtp log should show both transactions. You imply that this
is one list and other lists are working in this respect. If this is
correct, this seems to implicate the listname-owner address. Check the
MTA aliases and also the MTA logs for problems with this address.

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